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You can rely on us to settle the sunnah practises once your child is born


Aisha said:
ان رسول الله ص كان يؤتى بالصبيان فيبرك عليهم ويحنكهم
That the Messenger s.a.w when brought to him newborn babies, he prayed for him with barakah and rubbed the palate of his mouth. `


  • Rubbing the baby's palate is to give the first sensory stimulation to the engram to be formed by the child's brain when it tastes the sweetness of the apricot. (activate the nerve in the mouth so that it can taste the milk that the baby will drink later, God's will)

  • recite some prayer to keep the devils away. Read the prayer: auzubikalimatillahi tammah min kulli syaitan wa hammah wa min kulli ainin lammah.

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